Recent Testimony We received by Email

Picture of our booth at Natural Health Consumer Show in Plano Texas – Sept 2018

We were in Dallas (Plano Texas) at a Consumer Natural Health Expo about 3 months ago. A woman who was in a wheel chair was getting read to leave for the day. She had to have a friend of hers wheel her around. She decided to get into the Relax Sauna. After a few minutes, with her eyes closed, she started remarking how miracles were happening inside her body. I took my cell phone out, and started video’ing her. The remarkable experiences she had that day are recorded on that video.

She ordered a Relax Sauna a few weeks later, and just the other day about 2 months after that, she sent us this written testimony on how the Relax Sauna has helped her so much, and given her her life back.

This is Shortly after starting to speak about the Relax Sauna with her eyes closed.

Here is her email to me:

Since I have been using the relax sauna I have had many areas of improvment.

For 25 years I have suffered from severe chronic inflammation throughout my body, all my joints my muscles, from head to toe, as well as osteoarthritis in my hands, knees, ankles, elbows, cervical spine and lower lumbar. I have severe carpal tunnel in both hands up to my elbows with muscle, tissue and nerve damage in my left hand making it almost impossible to form a grip. I used walkers for two years and now have been in a wheelchair for the last three years. The maximum number of steps I could take without assistance was about 4. When the doctor would ask me to stand and touch my toes I wanted to cry. I knew I could not do it because my pain level stayed between 8-10 EVERY day, ALL day.

I had to have help with everything.  Preparing meals, dressing and bathing myself were a thing of the past. That’s a very hard thing to accept. Major Depressive Disorder had taken over my days and nights. I was barely sleeping. Basically, I had no quality of life to speak of.

I look forward to the sauna each day and to feeling the inflammation and toxins sweating out of my body. Within a few minutes I start to relax and feel all my joints and muscles loosen up and I know it’s going to be a fabulous day!

Since I have been using the Relax Sauna I am walking more and more. Within a week the number of steps I can take without assistance went from 4 to about 15. In another two weeks I was able to walk around in my home completing the every day tasks that I was unable to do before. I still use my chair for long walks but thanks to the the Relax Sauna and the relief of pain and inflammation in my arms and legs I no longer need a caregiver to push me in the wheelchair. I can do that myself now and even do a couple of tricks to make my grandkids laugh and giggle. 

The relief of pain and inflammation and the improvements in mobility have brought so much joy to daily life and in-turn my daily mood has completely turned around. Instead of laying in bed at night suffering in pain and dreading even getting up the next day, I am sleeping well and VERY MUCH looking forward to morning…and to the next morning, and the next and the next.

The list of prescriptions I need to function in life has decreased. I credit that also to the use my Relax Sauna. That 15-20 minutes each day makes  my life worth living again…and for that I’d like to thank you Phillip.