Relax Saunas of Momentum

The Relax Sauna generates 95-98% PURE Far Infrared Energy.  It took 10 years of Research to discover how to accomplish this task.  It is relatively easy to be able to generate 36% – 50% Far Infrared Energy – which  hundreds of other infrared sauna companies are able to do.    Their generators cannot come close to achieving the potency of Far Infrared Generated by Relax Far Infrared 1500 watt Radiators.

People have a hard time grasping this.  We haven’t been trained to ask how many watts of Far Infrared Energy does your Sauna generate ?   Most people don’t even think of even asking how many Watts of Energy does a Sauna generate.   Most infrared Saunas are only 1000 watts.  Other Sauna Companies  use either ceramic elements or carbon panels, and sometimes argue among each other which is the better of the two, each having benefits, as well as drawbacks.

It is actually Very hard to measure how much far infrared is generated from an infrared emitter.   One way you can pretty easily tell how strong an infrared sauna is to measure how much it can increase a person’s core temperature.   The Relax Sauna has been shown to increase core temperature 2.8 – 4.2 degrees in 25-60 minutes in a number of studies.  No other sauna was able to measure up to these figures.

The Relax Sauna appears to generate between 4-10 times more Pure Far Infrared Energy than any OTHER Infrared Sauna.   If this is true, then you can understand why the Relax Sauna is the Leader in Infrared Saunas, and gets such Incredible Results.

What does Far Infrared Energy Do ?    Essentially it does ONE thing:  It Resonates with, and Pulsates the Water Molecules.  That is all that it does.  This is however Very magical.

By pulsating the water molecules in the body, we notice an immediate increase in the body’s Core Temperature.  This causes a dynamic cascading effect of increasing the metabolism of the body, and a great increase of the creation of White blood cells and a mobilization of the Lymphatic System.  Micro-circulation is tremendously increased. The Parasympathetic Nervous System is Activated, and the Mitochondria start producing ATP, and Nitric Oxide, which oxygenates the whole body, killing pathogens, bacteria, and fungi.

Increasing Core Temperature can kill spyrochetes which are one of the causes of Lyme Disease.  Cancer Cells cannot exist in certain high temperature.

Mobilizing the Lymphatic System can help detoxify the body of Heavy Metals, Phthalates (plastics), Dioxins (chlorine), Metabolic Waste, as well as pesticides, chemicals, and many other environmental toxins that interfere with the body functioning optimally.

Increasing Micro-circulation is very helpful in getting rid of diabetic ulcers and wounds, and is quite helpful in eliminating Neuropathy and Reynaud’s syndrome.

Activating the Parasympathetic Nervous system can give a very deep sense of relaxation, help with sleep issues, and help reduce stress and anxiety.

Activating the Mitochondria, creating ATP and Nitric Oxide, gives the body lots of balanced Energy.  Many individuals have commented, after getting out of the Relax Sauna for a 5-10 minute session, that Their experience was sort of an oxymoron, in that they felt so very relaxed, and yet had a nice clear energy, something they had not experienced before, and that they didn’t realize was possible.

The Relax Sauna Double Radiator